Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fixing a table with some CeCe Caldwell's paint.

This is going to be a quick post since everything I had just typed up for this
somehow blogger completely deleted.

We have been so busy with school stuff and end of year things that I am sorry for being M.I.A.

Here is my before was actually and after picture, but as soon as it was finished it
became a before. I really didn't like how the colors had come out on it.
It just wasn't right. So the table went back into the TO DO pile.
It sat for months looking like this.
Then I got one of my sample pots of CeCe Caldwells paints for
another project and had enough to do this whole table.

So I slapped it on. It goes on so quick and easy. I just love it.

Now here is the "meant to be" part. Look how lovely the patina is
with the orange and white peaking through the green.
It never would have had that combination if I hadn't previously
done that color combo.

Look at those legs!! BEAUTIFUL.

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day
and hopefully once things settle down I will be able to get
back at it again..
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