Monday, July 2, 2012

drab to fab Rug with Stencil review!!! and giveaway

designer wall stencils

I am so excited to show you my NEW TO ME rug.
Sorry for the pictures but we are on vacation and EVERY SINGLE TIME
I tried to take a picture it was either raining or EXTREMELY sunny,
so I could not get a proper picture.

I was excited to find a variety of styles of furniture stencils at Royal Design Studio to choose from for my project

This is the boring rug that my hubby wanted me to throw out.
It was looking pretty pathetic but it just needed some love.
royal design studio acanthus trellis wall stencil
to the RESCUE!!!

I found my center of my rug and put it in place. I made sure the rug was nice and clean first.

This is where my inner LAZY PERSON comes out..I HATE to clean trays!!
So I always line them with aluminum foil...then I just throw it out. no fuss...:)

This was seriously the easiest stencil I have ever used. I did my first roll; and the stencil is so good that it helps you line up the next spot. No matter where you are on the stencil it has marking so you don't make a mistake and line it up wrong. I can tell you I have used stencils before and I have always had to GESTIMATE the width of where I lay the stencil.  There was no GUESSING with this..Perfect every time. So I gave it a roll with my Exterior Paint and within minutes I had myself a new rug.

I love how it works perfectly in front of my potting shed. BEAUTY surrounds me and
I love it!!

I hope you have a beautiful day.
Make sure you stick around because one of you will be able to win a stencil from Royal Design
The giveaway will go live on July 6 so be sure to stick around!
Have a beautiful day.
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designer wall stencils
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