Friday, October 5, 2012

Last bit of artprize Birthday Celebration

Good Afternoon my Beauties! Sorry for the late post
but as always, its been pretty hectic around here.
Speaking of beauties, that's my Mom in the first picture.
We both Celebrated our birthdays on Thursday. You see I was lucky
enough to be born on her birthday.
One of the traditions that we started when artprize started, was to go down on
our birthdays to Celebrate. So while she celebrated her 84th I celebrated my 40th.
We had a wonderful time on the beautiful day checking out more of the Art.

This is a sculpture of Einstein playing Frisbee Golf. Its titled "einstein between theorems"
I thought it was cute.

One of the great things about this competition has been the HUGE pencil sketches that
people have been doing. Here in another example.

This Chief was carved out of solid Rock. It was amazing. The artist even got the pores in the skin.

Here we have another circular pencil drawing.

The details are just amazing.

I really liked this Oil painting entitled "contemplation"
So beautiful

I hope you got to enjoy some of the art or that in the coming years you will be able to come and see it for yourself. You can see all of the other photos from all
my trips down to ARTPRIZE  HERE. Part 1
Part 2, and Part 3
I hope you enjoyed another walk around our BEAUTIFUL city.
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