Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Sky promising the Flowers that its Spring! May 1st trail run!

Good Afternoon my Beauties.
No reason for this post
other than to show you the
Beautiful bits of nature I
got to experience today.

I kept thinking..The SKY is promising you flowers..that it is SPRING!
I promise you buds, its safe to come out...
I promise..the snow clouds are gone...

Its amazing how much a smell can make you Happy.
The smell of Sand and Sun, and pine needles and composting leaves.
As soon as my feet crunched on the leaves all my cares floated away
and lost myself in the trail.

It was so wonderful to feel the sun on my shoulders and hear the squirrels
rustling through the woods and hear the crashing of the waves hitting the
shore off in the distance.

Like I reason for this post...Just some spring beauty for you!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!
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