Monday, April 29, 2013

Dumpster Dive find, Turned Vintage Grocery Crate

Good Morning my BEAUTIES. I hope you
all had a wonderful weekend. We FINALLY had some nice
weather so LUCKY me..we got to clean out the garage....whoopee..
But it did lead me to discover some STUFF that I had maybe forgot about..
LIKE..these dumpster dive boxes..

Picture me...driving into a mall parking lot...My teenage daughter with me..
and I see a dumpster full of stuff...My daughter quickly does the duck and hide so as no one
COOL will see her crazy mother digging through a dumpster in a sundress...
BUT look at the awesomness I found...I got three of these great boxes..
I have no Idea what they were for, but they were sturdy and custom built.
So I SAVED them, and FORGOT about them..Until NOW..

In the middle of cleaning out the garage I quick
slapped on some CeCe Caldwells Traverse City Cherry
and used some dark stain on the inside.

I then went to the GRAPHICS FAIRY and printed off
this great Vintage Grocery Graphic.
I used my carbon paper to transfer the image to the crate.

I then quick used my Krink Permanent Paint pen to go over the graphic.
When it was dry I distressed it and sprayed it with poly to protect it.

How great is this little vintage looking crate. Just think if I hadn't jumped in the dumpster
this would be sitting in a landfill somewhere.
I hope you enjoyed!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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