Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Anniversary Trip to Ireland Part 2

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 Good Morning my Beauties.
Today is PART 2 of our trip to Ireland.
I have to do it in 3 posts because Blogger will only let me
show you so many pictures.
You can see Part 1 HERE
You can see in the above picture above as we drive up a foothill on a very narrow road.

and as we climbed the mountain and crested the top to come down, this is what we saw..
As was par for the course, Total awe, in fact looking back at the pictures actually
makes my heart hurt a little. I miss it all.

Like in a book..you can see the land with all of its natural dividers for farming and such

and then more Ocean...You would have thought we were in the Bahamas or something .

As we headed back from the Ring of Kerry we got a weird..."this feels oddly familiar feeling" and then we saw the sign. We love National Parks here in the States and visit them often, so when we saw the sign we knew why it felt familiar. Its amazing how over thousands of miles, something like a National Park still feels familiar.

One of the cool things about this place was that you are driving and you are so used to seeing the ocean,
that I wasn't expecting this....Lake Killarney..One of the most Beautiful things..
we had been gone all day..

and the sun was just starting to head down to leave this gorgeous steak of light across the lake.

It was truly Gorgeous...

and here is where I will be honest...We had an amazing vacation, but all the hiking and driving and just movement...when my hubby said he just wanted to QUICK go see Torc Waterfall, I was not amused...
I mean...I was tired...and I was HANGRY...(grumpy cause I was hungry)
But thankfully even in my crabby state, he convinced (actually I was muttering under my breath and mumbling as we walked there)

But then I got to see this..and as you can guess....my crabbiness kind of melted away..

In fact my hubby jokingly said I will race you up to the top (knowing I was tired and crabby)..and when I bolted up the stairs leaving him in my dust... it took him by surprise and we both started laughing..I knew I was so exhausted..it didn't really matter at this point..

Then it was back to the hotel....FINALLY...and my hubby was pretty excited that some thrift store shirt that I had bought him, actually had the name of the city in which we were staying at...and you know...had to get a Guinness to go with it..:)
That is the end of that day..and it was BEAUTIFUL...
 Lest you think the trip was all rainbows and butterflies..here was our little stop at a PSEUDO airport.
We went to leave Killarney in the early morning, for our longest drive yet, about 5 hours with the Cliffs of Mohr about 2.5 hours in and our GPS just up and DIED...I mean...DEAD...I don't know if I mentioned before but driving in Ireland is not easy..I mean sure the city's are marked and what not, but the roads we had to take to get where we were going, most of the time..there were NO SIGNS..Its a kind of .."you just have to know where your going" sort of thing..so No GPS meant NO GO..Luckily even though it was a very early Sunday Morning we had chosen to buy the extra insurance with our travel agent, that covered death to illness to GPS dying...My hubby called the insurance, and the insurance got ahold of the Hertz office, which was actually ON THE WAY to where we were heading..we just needed to follow the directions we were given, and luckily since it was an airport it was marked pretty good..But I don't know that I ever saw a plane at the airport.. So here is our Happy to get our GPS back stop.

 Which eventually got us to here...The Cliffs of Mohr. Just like all our other adventures we were
very blessed in that everywhere we went, when we got out of our car it would be cloudy or misty and by the time we got out to what were going to see the SUN would shine brightly for us.

Highlighting every moment even more.

I know I have said it before but I have NEVER seen water this INDIGO..Its
Just mind blowing.
 After the cliffs of mohr and a stop at a local pub to catch the semi finals of the Hurling Match we headed on to our hotel. The Wyatt in Westport.

Of all the hotels, this was the one I was most excited about...Its not big and fancy, but its got history.
As you walk to your room you go up and down a couple steps to all the add on's over the years and it felt cool to know how many people had stayed here before you.
And a trip to THE WYATT wouldn't be complete without a trip to the COBBLER BAR.

Where every Sunday night for years, local musicians come to play..Its not a put on for tourists, its just how its always been.

and that is where we will stop for today...
Click HERE for part 3 where I will show you one of the most BEAUTIFUL beaches I have ever seen.
I hope you enjoyed this so far and I am so happy to have my computer kind of working again.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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