Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Anniversary Trip to Ireland Part 3

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Good Morning my Beauties!!
I just realized I never posted the last part of our trip to Ireland.
I had set it all up and forgot to publish it..DOH!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well I can show you the rest now..
You can see part 1 HERE
and Part 2 HERE
By this time of the trip we were nearing the end. We had traveled to the Cliffs of Mohr
and on the of our 5 hour car trip we ended up at our destination of Westport.
These are the amazing street signs you can find in Ireland...as you are driving
you somehow have to make sure you see which way you NEED to be going...:)
after our long drive, it was awesome to have "the cobblers bar" located right inside the WYATT hotel.
Every Sunday night for years, local Irish musicians come and play for the patrons..its not put on for tourists...
it is just the way it has always been. Let me tell you, it was magical, after driving along the Irish roads and seeing the gorgeous countryside, getting to listen to this was just fabulous. A dream come true.

The next morning it was time for another tour. We wanted to take the Atlantic coastal drive.
It was GORGEOUS and we actually went so far as to the signs being only in GAELIC..
Hubby was so happy that I had noticed the little half flower on the signs back when they were in ENGLISH
so we knew where to go..:)

One of the magical things of Ireland..they don't tear things down..its left as a memory and a marker..
these gorgeous old stone houses add to the scenery of the Ocean and the countryside.

Here is part of the drive and I have to tell you...IRELAND has some of the best signs...
They make sure you REALLY understand..the Steep cliff...believe me...it was steep.
in the picture it doesn't look it...but you can't see the drop.

This is my fave...Its suppose to be rocky edge of cliff..but I thought it looked like
"oops you might poop your pants if you get to close to the cliff and fall off"  LOL!!!

vacation self drive sheep wild animals wild atlantic way coastal drive ireland

Another wonderful scene in Ireland just meandering around...SHEEP.....EVERYWHERE!!!

And then we found this..we were driving along and found this is FAR WEST you can go....KEEM BEACH..
THE MOST GORGEOUS BEACH I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I mean..It looks like some sort of paradise.

and here I am about to get crashed by the waves..:)

after our long journey around the ocean and country side, it was time to eat some of the FRESHEST SEAFOOD I have EVER HAD. We went into a small local artisan shop (not a tourist souvenir shop that literally are like Starbucks here) but one where all the items are hand made by the Irish.
I got a gorgeous hand made ring made by a local artisan. While talking to the shop owner we asked where the best local place was to eat and she sent us to Bella Vita...
and I am so glad she did..it was so small and quaint..only about 6 tables on the main floor and about 5 upstairs..like I said QUAINT..and as our IRISH luck would have it...they had 1 table open for us..
(this happened every time we went to dinner) the people would walk in behind and they would be full.. 

The next morning it was time to leave our lovely Wyatt hotel....and head back to Dublin..

but first a stop at the Kilbeggan whiskey factory..still run by a giant water paddle. As we stepped out of our car into the street you could smell the whiskey being distilled..

and when you were done with the tour..you got a taste..:)

Once we got back to Dublin and to the River Lifey it was time to get back to seeing my friend

we had such a great time at Ryans where again..as soon as we sat down in the 5 table restaurant we were the last walk ins available....the people after us couldn't get in...Irish luck for us all the way..:)

our final Irish meal for me had to be FISH AND CHIPS..no other way I wanted to leave...

and then it was time to say Goodbye to my forever friend....We laughed right up till the minute he had to be back off to his home town...2 hours away by bus.. and I cried again when he left..

but it didn't last too long as we got lost on our 10 block walk back to our hotel...Luckily all we had to do was follow the River Liffey back to our hotel..and then in the morning..our drive back to Dubin airport and it really is a 3 hour airport..we just made it to our gate after getting to the airport 3 hours early.
Then home sweet home..
I have left a piece of my heart in Ireland and I hope someday to get back there and hopefully bring my children to see this BEAUTIFUL country.
I hope you enjoyed this last post..Its bitter sweet to be closing the book on this trip,
but it leaves a spot for my mind to dream of where we will go in our future.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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