Thursday, March 19, 2015

Themed Furniture Makeover! Distressed Cedar Chest Makeover

Good Morning my Beauties!
Its time again for this months Themed Furniture Makeover.
This Months Theme was Distressed. 
Of course they wanted the finished piece to be distressed...

But mine actually STARTED out more distressed than the finished product.

As you can see here this cedar chest was in pretty dang bad shape. 
It was beat up! I had to fill some deep gouges and chipped parts but structurally it was
pretty solid.
I wanted it to look like it was an old cedar chest (it was a reproduction piece, but had seen its day)
I was set on making it look Distressed...Not BEATEN up. :)
I mixed up some custom colors and did some wet blending of blues and creams on the base. 
I wasn't trying to be too careful since I was going to be distressing the piece. 
When the layers were dry. I distressed the top all the way through in a couple spots and the edges and then went over it with a brown glaze. I wanted the paint to look old and worn.
After that I waxed and buffed it.
As you can see from this picture I did this piece way back in the FALL.
The leaves were falling and just happened to land perfectly on the top.
I loved the colors and had to capture it with the piece.
(this was also a duel.."Not so perfect post")
I didn't show you this post originally because It was another Rush to photograph 
and I felt like I couldn't give it the time it deserved to be properly photographed.
Like Life after looking back I love how this picture turned out.
At the time I thought it wasn't good enough.
But after not seeing it for a while I could see the not so perfect perfection
in this piece.

The distressing brought out the little details.
Kinda like LIFE don't ya think? :)

I hope you enjoyed this Themed Furniture Makeover
and that you come and check out all my friends Distressed Makeovers!
I can't wait to see for myself what they did.
Until next time,
Go Make someones day BEAUTIFUL.

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