Monday, April 21, 2014

Antique KINDEL Dresser Makeover and a WELCOME BACK!

 Good Morning my BEAUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man oh man does it FEEL GOOD to say that again.
After 2 weeks of being LOCKED out of my BLOG
I didn't think I would ever see you guys again.
If you all haven't changed your passwords to email accts and such..
I strongly suggest you do it NOW.
I was one of the lucky folks who got hacked due to the huge
Internet fiasco that is going on right now..
Lets just say..LESSON LEARNED
and I will be taking more steps to make sure
I won't be ABLE to be locked out ever again!.
 So NOW that that is OVER...we can get onto the FUN stuff...
The MAKEOVER!  I got this great dresser for a steal off CRAIGSLIST.
I don't know how many of you know this, but where I live was
Grand Rapids Michigan.
They used the river to float lumber down to the lumber houses.
With that came an affluent number of furniture producers in this area.
One of them was KINDEL
I have a soft spot for these pieces made here and I like to preserve as much as the history as I can.
On this piece the drawers were in EXCELLENT condition...
but the base was missing veneer and scratched.  I felt that the drawers and the beautiful original hardware were LOST in all that. I wanted to make them POP...yet..still keep the original feel to the piece.

That's when I decided to use CeCe Caldwells Smokey mountain on the base.
It was the perfect compliment to the deep red stain and the brass knobs.
I gave it a couple coats and then lightly distressed and waxed and buffed it up.
 I just love the contrast of the paint and the wood and the texture of the brass knobs.
So there you have it..MY back in business
I can't tell you how much I missed you guys.
While I will admit the break was nice...I really did miss 
sharing with you guys. 
I just kept thinking..
Oh man I can't wait to show them....oh wait..I am locked out...I can't
It was a reminder of how much I really still love to blog and share with you all.
I hope you missed me least a little.
Until next time..
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!!! 

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