Monday, June 30, 2014

Lake Life Side Table Massive Makeover

 Good Morning my BEAUTIES!
Have I got a fun makeover for you today!
The LAKE LIFE side table makeover.

 Before we begin, Let me give you a little BACK story on this if you will.
One day while visiting my Momma, the hubby was out running around and had some time to kill.
First of all let me tell you how much he hates to shop..and even more painful..are trips to GOODWILL.
Well I don't know what got into him, but while he was out on the other side of town he kept calling me from the store. First I had to recover from the SHOCK of the fact that he ENTERED a store, let alone GOODWILL without me. Now he was out perusing cruddy furniture to pick up for me.?????
I am not gonna lie. 
When he said he found this cute little fun table that
The above picture is exactly what I was imagining. 
He knows that I totally do not trust his TASTE shall we say in what he thinks is cute.
(the man once wore and argyle sweater that was royal blues with a pair of olive green dress pants)
Lets just say..HE HAS COME A LONG WAY...
He has WAY more faith in the magic that I can work on beautifying a table than I have in myself.

 So the table sat a few days, while I pondered if I could sneak it out the curb so some other super woman could snag it and fix it up..(or honestly....cut it up and BURN it)
Normally I love to try and save anything but man oh man..this thing was U.G.L.Y.
and it was part particle board and just BEASTLY....
Finally after hubby coaxing me to at least TRY I decided to
I sat in the hot garage...working on about 3 other projects and just started slapping on multiple 
layers of paint.
I started with CeCe Caldwells Santa Fe Turquoise
and finished off with some Kentucky Mint.
Once it was dry I distressed it a bit and and waxed and buffed it.
But I still wasn't happy.
You know me.....
It needed SOMETHING..
Something to bring it from the 70's
into the 2014's.
So I busted out my Silhouette.

 I just cut out a simple LAKE LIFE stencil with an anchor.
(seeing as I have been having a huge love affair with anything nautical, coastal and SUMMERY..
as you can see by my NAUTICAL dresser I just sold HERE)
Using just plain white contact paper I cut out my stencil and laid it on top of the table.
I just used a cream paint to fill it in.
Once dry I distressed, waxed and buffed again.

 I surprised myself with this one.
I am still in disbelief that it is the SAME table.

 So I guess the moral of the story is....
A little paint can make a table what it Ain't 

I hope you enjoyed this makeover!
Don't give up on those pieces you thought you couldn't save..
They still have some life left in them...
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the link party
to show off what you have been working on..
Until then..
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.
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