Thursday, September 4, 2014

Handmade Farmhouse table READERS project DIY

Good Morning my Beauties! 
If you Remember last Year labor day weekend I built
my very own FarmHouse Table.
It has served me well and it is truly standing the test of TIME AND CHILDREN
and honestly still one the projects I am most proud of.
You can see the full TUTORIAL HERE
 Lots of times I get emails from my readers asking the "HOWS" and "WHATS"
of my projects. I am as helpful as I can be and sometimes,
just SOMETIMES my readers show me what they did!
It really gets me pretty choked up when I see what they do.

 This BEAUTIFUL table was created by my reader Connie and her Husband.
Like I said I get emails, asking questions and stuff and I always say.
I would LOVE to see it when you are done.
Most of the time I do not hear back but this time I did and I am oh so happy I did.

 Connie and her husband Lovingly created this FARMHOUSE table for their home.
A labor of love as I often call it.
A piece with Sentimental value.
Like all things, it has a story.
This table story is that right after Connie and her hubby built this table 
he found out he was sick.
Connie said she is so grateful to have had this experience building this heirloom piece with her hubby, and I am happy that some small part of me was able to give her that experience.
I don't know how he is doing, but I hope and Pray that he is doing well.
And I am oh so THANKFUL for Connie sharing this story with me and
with you.

I hope you will put Connies hubby in your thoughts and prayers.

Until next time.
Go make someones day Beautiful.
My readers have already made mine.