Saturday, September 27, 2014

Little French Side Table Makeover using La Chaux

Good Morning my Beauties!!!
Can you believe this Beautiful Frenchie piece used to look............


Like THIS!???????
Well it did!
I had bought this small little piece at Goodwill
looking to experiment with it.
I love the French Provincial look,
but this purple and broken knobs left MUCH to be desired.
I had some La Chaux
from Maison Blanche that I was dying to try and I thought..
YOU KNOW WHAT?? You can't get much more FRENCH than
French Provincial and French Lime Paint.
So I grabbed my brush and some other things that are not normally in my 
painting arsenal and got to work.

Now here comes the BIG OLE disclaimer.
DO NOT..I repeat...DO NOT try this at home.
You are Suppose to pre paint your piece using regular Maison Blanche paint to 
assure proper adhesion of the lime paint. 
Seeing as you are dealing with different styles of paint.
but being the giant REBEL without a CLUE;
I bucked the old rule (because I am anything if not a lets see if this works my way first, and if it doesn't work we will do it the right way, kind a girl).  :)
It was a very small piece and I knew there wouldn't be a ton of DRAMA
if I did IN FACT have to go back and repaint. 
Plus deep down in my heart, as much as I hated the bordello purple as I
like to call it, I still wanted part of its old self to peek through.
You know the old "whiskey in a tea cup" kind deal.
So I lightly sanded the whole thing and got crackin
on getting this beauty transformed.
 I started base coating the whole thing in Printemps...a gorgeous
pale earthy green...You can see the texture already going on with just the brush.
The Beauty of the Maison Blanche French Lime paint,
is that it is a  a traditional Lime Paint made of pure, European Lime, mixed with natural pigments. The result is a eco-friendly, zero VOC paint product made with minimally processed natural ingredients that will allow you to turn your walls into art and to paint furniture with stunning results.

It is highly alkaline, so it's naturally resistant to fungus and mold as well as being anti-bacterial. This feature makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and children's rooms. 

La Chaux is more textural than chalk based paints. Lime Paints have been used for over seven thousand years and have even been found applied to the insides of pyramids! This is a very traditional European product and gives the look of multiple layers of paint with only one coat.  I think you will see in the post what I am talking about.

 Now here my BEAUTIES is where the FUN really began.
First in my arsenal I pulled out an old plastic grocery bag.
While the paint was "setting up" I used a crumpled up grocery bag to add some texture to the top
of this piece.
Remember I am going for old world FRENCH..
I want this piece to appear as she has TRAVELED the WORLD and carried all of her memories 
with her.

again after I let the paint that I had added texture to with a bag set up a little bit more
I just used a small scrap of cardboard to lightly knock down the raised paint. It gives it a bit more old 
plaster feel.
Then it was time to work on the rest of the piece.
While the base was drying I got to the drawers.
I covered those in Parchment.
It is the exact color that you would think..
You can smell the the old library and books just looking at this color.
It is a truly beautiful Parchment color.
 You see how I am doing it just a bit thinner on the drawers than on the top and sides.
Its because like I said before, I want that little bit of purple to 
still peek through.
Show people that even though now she is a dignified classy lady,
she once had a bit of a fun wild streak in her. :)
 Now in order to make those details really POP,
and add a nice aging to the piece I used Maison Blanches
Tobacco antique glaze.
I generally don't glaze pieces but again..
wanting it to look OLD world I really wanted to give her the works.
When the glaze was all dry I used Maison Blanche Clear antique wax
and waxed and buffed her.
I think all the work was worth it.
The handles were replaced with some vintage handles that I had saved off
another old piece.  They were I imagine the type of handle that was probably on this type of piece 
before they had been replaced with the plastic one in the original picture.

You can see in this picture how that little bit of purple still comes through, just enough
to show her past.

If you need more tips on how to use the paint you can check out
Its where I picked up the few tricks that I used for my project.

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"I received product and/or compensation for reviewing Maison Blanche Paint Company products. All opinions are genuine."
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