Thursday, January 22, 2015

Black and White Striped SASSY end table. An INSPIRED by Project

Good Morning my Beauties!
Its time for another version of 
Themed Furniture Makover.
This is where myself and some blogger friends get together 
for a little group project.
This months THEME was "INSPIRED BY"
I have to tell you...I had a bit of trouble with this project.
I went on to Pinterest to be inspired and would get lost and forget what I was doing. :)
It happens to the best of us.
Well, this was the table I was starting with.
I had yet to be inspired while trying to decide what I was going to do when I came upon
this adorable table on Pinterest.
It was created by.

Well the project was inspired by..not COPY
so I had to figure my own little TWIST on it.
I started by painting the top white and the legs and base a custom green I had mixed up.
While I was waiting I had to figure out how I wanted to do my lines.

I didn't want to do exact equal stripes so I did a pattern stripe instead.
I used some black and gray mixed paint and painted on my stripes.
When it was dry I distressed and waxed the heck out of it..and then buffed the heck out of it.
It gave it a nice vintage feel.

I even replaced the big old hardware with this simple little pull.
I mean the table had enough going on...It didn't need to go overboard on hardware.
I will tell you, that I struggled A LOT with this piece.
I am my own person..
I am a loud person..
I have no filter...
I have a very specific laugh...
I mean...people can not see me in the store..but they hear me laugh and they say..
I hear KARIN!!
I used to hate it..but I have grown to love it..
and the same goes for this table..
Its loud..its out there...
It does not fit in with the NORMAL.
Just like ME..
So a project that was causing me so much grief..
because I was worried, my piece in the roundup was going to give people a headache.
or make them go blind...LOL 
Has now made me incredibly Happy..
For all the same reasons I worried about.
Life is funny that way isn't it.

Just like the sign says...
"be the most BRILLIANT color in the box"

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover...
and the little behind the scenes of my "one of a kind laugh"
Until Next time..Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL..
And don't forget..
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