Monday, January 26, 2015

Tiny Half Bath Makeover Part 1

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Its Makeover Monday again here at Art is Beauty.
We have been working on a TINY room that has been a HUGE
Project for a couple weeks now.
We are redoing our tiny half bath off our garage/laundry room area.
My hubby bought me a vanity for Mothers day almost a year ago.
Its been patiently waiting for us in the garage while we pulled together all the parts of the makeover.
When I had finally decided on my final plan for the room,
It was time to get started.
The first part was tearing up Not one...but 3 layers of subfloor.
You can see in the above pictures just a few of the layers.
We live in an older house and the previous owners instead of removing each layer of flooring
chose to just lay subfloor over subfloor.
So first things first...removing the layers,
Taking out the toilet as late as possible measure...
with 6 people in the family...

Once we got through almost all the layers of flooring it was time to take 
off the toilet and the sink.
You can see here we removed the toilet and stuffed a rag in
it to prevent nasty gasses from coming out.
Once we removed the sink we could finally rip out the last layer of flooring.
We also had to replace the plumbing..
there was copper into steel pipe and fittings and then pvc.
The Steel pipes were rotted out so it appears we had got to them just in time.
With all the flooring up after removing the sink and toilet we could
finally start moving forward.
Putting down the cement backer board.
Always remember to use galvanized screws since you don't want to have
to deal with any water or moisture rusting the screws.

Once that was set I could get moving on the paint.
I gave the ceiling a fresh coat of white and
the walls a custom color that we had mixed up years ago and used in our den.
Its one of the only rooms that I have never wanted to repaint.
I loved the color so much I was happy to have another room to put it in.
THIS...thing is the BOMB!!
This is not a sponsored anything you see me naming is purely out of love.
I have used this since we bought our first house.
I really don't have the patience for taping and this as long as you make sure you
keep the little roller cleans makes edging go so fast that I have yet to 
find anything else that can help me this much in painting.
Its a Shur-line edger.

Now that the paint was up we could start on the BIG stuff.
LIGHTING...I bought this cute little rustic industrial light at the local Home Improvement store.
I love the look with the wall color.

After all that..It was finally time...
Time to tile.
I searched and searched for tiles and my heart kept coming back to these vintage
styled honeycomb tiles.
Classic black and white pattern that is timeless.
Hubby used my vintage scale to mix up the mortar
and he started setting the tile.
Honestly I could have done it myself
and there may have been less swearing if I had..:)
but the hubby has done it multiple times and figured it would just go faster if he did it.
He troweled out his grout and worked quickly to lay out the mesh backed tile.
The nice thing with this type of flooring is that there were only two small tiles that actually had to be cut with tile snips because most times you could just pop of a tile where it intruded.
And this is where I leave you for today.
The tile is down..
the spacers are out..and
Even as I type this..
I have already grouted..
But I will save that for the 2nd part of the makeover
and the reveal.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have.
I am getting very excited to move along and
After 2 weeks we all still keep walking in to the bathroom
and saying "DANGIT" because as creatures of habit..
we keep forgetting.
Until next time.
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.