Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beat up BUFFET turned Mint and Gold BEAUTY

Good Morning my Beauties.
I am super excited to show you the latest makeover.
I have been working on lots and lots of pieces but when I got this piece 
I couldn't wait to start on it, and even more so; show you guys the makeover!

 This is how it began. I went to my local thrift shop and they had just put out this beauty.
Now I know others wouldn't see the Beauty in her, but  could!!

 She wasn't much to look at at first but I could see beyond the beat up exterior and years of use and abuse.
I got to work stripping the top but it ended up taking the BIG GUNS to get it done!
Yup, you guessed it; The BELT sander!
The years of old paint wouldn't strip off so the sander had to get it done.
I got the rest of the paint stripped off the top and prepped her for stain.
 I used a nice dark Provincial for the top and got the base ready for painting.
As much as I loved the old pulls, they were not all there.
So I had to improvise.
I got started filling the old holes and then got to painting.
Once that was ready I pulled out my paint.
My Faux Real Mineral paint in Brava.
The perfect color for my Beauty.
I started to work on her.

I was so excited how much she was transforming already.
When she was dry I distressed, waxed and buffed her and then had to work out what I was going to do for the hardware.

 I found some old vintage pulls from an old project and pulled off the back circular plate that is usually behind them.
I sprayed them with one of my favorite gold spray paints and let them dry.
Then it was time to install them.
I loved how the round pulls accentuated the rectangular shape of the whole piece.

Now I hope you can see why I was so excited to show you guys the transformation!
As usual I almost kept this for myself,
but I got it out of the garage as fast as I could in order to save myself from MYSELF...:)
I hope you enjoyed the latest makeover!
Until next time,
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