Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gossip Bench Classic Makeover ~Themed Furniture Makeover

Hello again my BEAUTIES!
Its that time of MONTH again!
You guessed it.

Its THEMED Furniture Makeover Day!
This months Theme was "BLACK"
Here is what I started with. 
Originally this bench had some nasty fabric on it.
I had recovered it once and left it as is, to sell at my booth.
I  always get people telling me "DON'T PAINT THAT"!
So sometimes if a piece is in decent shape I will do what I did here and just recover and put it in the booth
for all the NON paint lovers. 
I didn't sell, so I brought it home, pulled off the material
and started over.
I lightly sanded the whole piece seeing as it had a bit of a glossy
finish and got out my sprayer
and filled it with Ralph Laurens "EBONY"

I put on 2 coats and let it dry.
When it was ready I RE Recovered the seat....AGAIN. :)

I think you will agree, it looks much better now.
I love how the Greek Key fabric pulls it all together.
Its a much better LOOK I think for this piece.
 and now its ready to GO BACK to my Booth.....AGAIN!
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Until next time.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!