Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Beat up MCM mini Ottoman Makeover

Hello again my BEAUTIES!
I have been working like crazy on multiple projects and I ALMOST 
FORGOT to show you this one.
I picked this ottoman up at the local thrift store for a couple bucks to go with 
the GROSS TO GRAND CHAIR makeover I had recently done.
I loved the MCM legs on this piece I was was hoping underneath this sheet like recover there would be the fabulous original 
material in PERFECT condition.

I got half of my wish.
It had the original material on it, BUT, EVERY SINGLE SEAM
was torn.
I literally barely had to touch it and the whole top piece pretty much fell off.
So on to Plan B.

Since the batting was pretty compressed, so I decided to add some extra batting to fluff it up a little,
since this piece would be staying in our home.
I used my staple gun to attach it and then it was time to use some fun fabric to recover it.

Since I wanted it to match up a little bit with the chair I decided to accent around the edges with the same upholstery tacks that 
I used on my chair.

 You can see here its in its new SPOT in front of  my
Gross to Grand Chair Makeover
The kids love it to prop up their feet on when reading and working on their computers.
I have to say I am pretty happy with it myself.
It doesn't take up too much room and still allows us to 
"PUT OUR FEET UP" and feel at home.

I am pretty happy with how easy this was to do and how adding the fun little 
upholstery tacks really upped the fun on this piece.

I am so glad I remembered to show you this fun little makeover.
Until Next time,
Go Make Someones day,