Thursday, February 11, 2016

Super Easy Last Minute DIY Neutral Valentine Pillow Covers

Welcome Back again my Beauties!
Are you like me; scrambling because as usual another holiday has come and you never really got around to decorating for it?
If you are then this post is for YOU.
I really only usually decorate for Christmas and Halloween  and sometimes Easter.
But I thought I would at least TRY this year..even if it is SCREECHING in at the last minute to decorate.
I was thinking, what could I do that is NEUTRAL and yet would still look good even after Valentines has come and gone (cause lets face it, it will be summer probably before I get around to changing my pillow covers again.) 

That's when the Idea to do a Neutral Valentines decor hit me.

Whenever I am at the craft store I like to pick up these simple and basic Pillow covers
They are pretty cheap and I like to have them around when I get MOTIVATED at the last minute. :)

To keep them along the Neutral lines and not being TOO VALENTINE-EE
I just used these cute arrow stencils
and some Gold Craft paint to stencil them on.

 In order to give the Slightest Valentines day feel 
I just hand painted on some hearts with the same gold paint.
When all the paint was dry I just HEAT SET the paint using an iron and a cloth over the pillow covers to set the paint.

And just like that I have some Neutral Easy DIY Valentines Pillow covers that 
honestly will probably stay up WAY past Valentines day!

Honestly my daughter already said she is stealing them for her room, so they may not even make it UNTIL Valentines day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this latest simple DIY Decor.
If I can do it, YOU can do it.
Until NEXT time,
Have a Beautiful Day.