Monday, June 13, 2016

Art is Beauty HOME~ Summer Edition

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Welcome back my Beauties.
Today's post won't be along the lines of my normal posts.
You see, here at my home, its SUMMER VACATION time.
Being from Michigan this is the time of year when we SUCK EVERY LIVING MOMENT out of the Season.
you can read more about our rescue dog SMOOCH here
In a place where we are trapped for months at a time in a mountain of snow and gray clouds we tend to go to extremes in the spring and summer.
We know it can't last forever so we make the most of the time we have before Old Man Winter
starts turning his head toward us again.
That being said this is a post to let you know that I will STILL be showing you projects, (all though not as frequent) and still be around on FACEBOOK and Instagram showing those projects, but also showing what we are doing to suck the life out of SUMMER.
Now every year we take a big hiking trip and last year we did Acadia National Park.
I NEVER got around to showing you.
I feel terrible because the plan had been to post about it when we got back.
But life happened. We got busy. I forgot!  :) ...(more of the latter than anything) :)
So in the next few days I will showing you some tips on how get around Acadia.
Which you can NOW see Here!!
 Tips on navigating Acadia national park maine bar harbour

(If you have never been, its one of the MOST Beautiful National Parks, but also one of the CRAZIEST to get through) I have tons of tips for how to navigate this BEAUTIFUL but BUSY park and town. 
You see out NEXT hiking trip is in 3 weeks and that is what reminded me that I never showed you.
So hopefully I will be a little better and maybe have some tips for Glacier National Park written up this summer too. (Or maybe at least a post with pretty pictures like I did for Ireland)
Anniversary trip to Ireland

We tend to even DIY our vacations so I figure this fits right in with the whole DIY theme and the sites we see are some of the most BEAUTIFUL, which fits right with my Art is Beauty theme as well.
So if you want to virtually suck the life out of summer like we do, be sure to follow along.
Until tomorrow,
Have a Beautiful Day!