Thursday, July 21, 2016

Small Outdoor Table Makeover ~DIY Furniture Girls

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Welcome back my Beauties!
I finally have a new post for you guys today!

Every Month we have a Themed Furniture Makeover Day with 
a bunch of my Bloggy Friends and TODAY is that day.

This months THEME is OUTDOOR.
Now with how busy we have been here I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to make it.
I was scrounging all the thrift shops and NO ONE had any outdoor tables and anything 
I could makeover.
But then I walked into my own backyard and found one :)
This table kind of just blended into NOTHING back there because it was so sun damaged and 
worn out that I really never noticed I had it sitting by some chairs around our fire pit.
So I decided then and there that I would bring this piece back!

I grabbed my Chalky finish Americana Paint and gave it two coats.
I also used a little dark stain to warm up the worn out wicker on the top.
Since the paint wasn't outdoor paint I knew I had to help protect it from the elements with something.
My goto for that is Minwax Helsman Spar Urethane
It comes in spray form so I just sprayed the whole piece down after distressing it and 
it was ready to go BACK outside!

Here it is, back where it belongs, making a little bit more of a statement now.

I think you will agree that, a LITTLE bit of paint made a BIG difference.

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