Thursday, September 8, 2016

Updating a dresser with General Finishes Java Gel and Paint

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beat up old scratched cherry vintage dresser makeover

Welcome back my Beauties!
I know I have told you before why I haven't been around much, but for those just joining us,
we are still spending much of the time at the hospital with my mom and now we have sent her to a hospital further away in the hopes that they will be able to find out whats wrong.
So of course I don't spend much time here anymore.
But every once in a while, I catch a little break and I can sit down and I have a few moments to show off one of the makeovers I had finished before all this started.
Today is one of those days.
You can see from the above dresser how bad of a condition it was in.
Mostly it was just surface scratches.

 The only major issue was a trim piece that was missing from the side.
I cut a piece I had to size and used my Ryobi air strike nailer to set it in place.
Once that was in place I could start my makeover.
 I decided since most were really surface scratches I could get away with just a light sanding and then use my General Finishes Java Gel stain on it to bring out the richness of the wood.

You can see here after two coats how much better it looked!

 I wanted to add a little pop of color so I chose General Finishes Somerset Gold
When it was dry I used their High performance top coat to seal all of it.
 I added some simple gold hardware to finish the piece off and add a little more class.
I couldn't believe the difference with just a little bit of TLC.

best of painted furniture diy vintage makeover beautiful stain paint makeover
 It looks like a totally different piece.

I know this was a quick and fast write up for this post,
but as I said, I have very little time!
I hope you still enjoyed it even though I didn't get to spend a lot of time with you!
I hope you can forgive me!
Until next time,
Have a Beautiful day!


Julie said...

Wow, what a beautiful transformation! This piece looks great!

Shelby said...

How did the product hold up? You painted over the gel stain on some areas? It does not bleed through the paint?

Art Is Beauty said...

Shelby, I didn't gel stain over the base. I only gel stained the top and drawers. The base just got painted over the original stain. This yellow is pretty pigmented so it only took a couple coats to cover the old stain and it didn't bleed through.