Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bohemian Blue Painted Vintage Dresser with French Graphic

old wood waterfall dresser makeover with round mirror
 Welcome back my Beauties.
I have been struggling with getting back into the groove 
and finding my way through my days without my mom.
I have lots to catch up on and unfortunately painting furniture has not been at the top of that list for the past few weeks.
This dresser though...Holds a special piece of my heart.
You see, I was painting it while my Momma was in the hospital still alive and we were trying to figure out what was wrong. 
My mom had the bluest eyes you have ever seen. and one day while  I was at home in between my turn at the hospital, and thinking about stuff  I finally decided I needed to paint something BLUE in honor of my Mother.

I happen to have this old waterfall dresser sitting in my garage. 
I wished I could have saved the veneer but there was so much damage that I decided to mix up a custom indigo blue colored paint and give this old dresser a couple coats of it.
I took the old knobs that were on the dresser and just spray painted them with a nice metallic gold color.

I liked how it turned out but it needed more.

boho french indigo blue stencilled dresser makeover gold accents
For that little UMPH I pulled out my French Furniture Stencil.
(my Grandma was born in France so everything French holds a special place in my heart)
I used my stencil brush
 and some GOLD Acrylic Paint to stencil on my design.
Once I was finished it, I was in LOVE.
Vintage thrifted dresser painted a glossy deep cobalt blue decorated with bohemian accents painted rescued furniture

I loved the whole BOHO Chic vibe it was giving off.

Then fast forward a week or so..and you know the story..
We lost my momma, without ever finding out what was wrong.
At that point I couldn't let this piece go.
It was a tangible piece of my heart that when I looked at it, it reminded me of my Momma.
HOW could I possible ever sell it now.
french blue indigo boho chic waterfall dresser makeover with gold accents paitned dresser
So my hubby, knowing I wouldn't be able to let it go, helped me move the old piece I had in the living room out and helped me move the new piece 

It holds the treasured Afghan she made me for my wedding and photo albums.

Vintage thrifted dresser painted a glossy deep cobalt blue decorated with bohemian accents
It sits in a place of honor in the living room not just  holding physical items but the dear memories of my mother itself.
painted vintage waterfal dresser with round mirror indigo cobalt blue with gold french strencil graphic
It was worth the work and lets me think of her when ever I am in the room.
(even though I still dream of her nightly)
I hope you enjoyed the makeover.
Hopefully soon I can find myself back to some sort of routine.
Until next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.

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