Thursday, September 22, 2016

Small End Table Makeover using LAYERS ~ DIY Furniture Girls!

 Welcome back my Beauties.
I didn't know how I was going to return to blogging now that Mom is gone, but it seems she showed me how to "crack the door open"
by having this post due. 
I have done nothing but cry the last few months and days.
I wondered how I would ever return to blogging.
But then as I sat crying I remembered how much she loved to see my makeovers..(Even though you won't like this one Momma because its "distressed"), she always always loved a good makeover. 
She also had a hard life but she kept being HER until the end. 
So the least I can do, is the same.

(you can read more about my Awesome Momma Here

Through the whole process with Mom I told my family that Life was like a game of  Double Dutch jump rope.
Sometimes you have to jump out because its going to fast and you can't keep up and you keep getting "cracked" by the ropes of life.
That is what I did while we all took care of Mom.
But then she showed me that THIS would be how I would Jump back in.
Even though I don't "FEEL" like it, I know I never will if I don't at least try. 
So I am taking a breath and I am going to try to JUMP in  (in this case, TYPE in)
So here we go.
 This post uses affiliate links to help you find the products I trust and love
Its time again for our Themed Furniture Makeover.
This months Theme is "Layers" 

In the small amount of spare time I had the last few months,
I had found this little cabinet in my stash.
It was plain and it was beat up,
but I wanted it to look like an old little cabinet.
It was the perfect piece to try to add some layers to. 

I started by just basing the whole piece in a simple white mineral paint that I had. Not being real careful for full coverage because of the layered look I was going for.

Next I wet blended some custom vintage mint paint I had mixed up.
Again since we are going for a layered look I didn't have to be so perfect with the paint.
I already loved the colors but I knew I wanted a little bit more,
and decided to try something new. 

I grabbed my 
 Deco Art Color Stain in ASH GRAY
and decided to use it as a sealer too since it was a self sealing stain.
It added just a little bit of a vintage worn feel with the washed out gray added to the other layers. 
I loved how an old 70's dated nightstand turned into something old and vintage looking.
Even though Momma would have HATED the distressed finish,
she still would have enjoyed the makeover.
I will always always think of her when doing what I love.
She was my Greatest Teacher and my best friend,
and I wouldn't be doing what I am doing today without her.

So go out and do what you love,
cause Momma told you to.

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