Thursday, January 26, 2017

Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover ~ Before and After!


Welcome back my Beauties.
I have been working on multiple projects and pieces for the booth, but I have been itching to show you my Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover!
I tried to wait out the weather so I could get some nice natural light to photograph, but alas; I live in Michigan and LIGHT is not something we are in surplus of here. 
I could have brought in my photography lights, but being a bathroom there really was no where I could put them without them showing up in any of the mirrors in the room.
SO, in keeping the "KEEPIN REAL" theme I tend to lean towards ...Here it goes!
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master bathroom bath budget makeover before old 80s orange oak painted milk paint gray fixer upper boho style

Here is the BEFORE!
Now I know its not terrible, but we have lived in this house almost 20 years and this vanity is STRAIGHT OUT OF THE 80's.
That tell tale Golden Oak that was so popular.
Now I know from the pics it doesn't look too bad, but what you can't see are the deep grooves from our old dog trying to dig to China on one of the cupboards when she got scared during a thunderstorm.

Being a BUDGET makeover my goal was to keep as much stuff as I possibly could. The tile is still in great condition as well as all the fixtures. 
I didn't want to replace or spend money on anything I didn't have to.

The first goal of my makeover was to give the bathroom a little character. Our home is 70 years old but this bathroom at one time had been half the size and one of the previous owners knocked out the wall to a giant closet and doubled the size of the bathroom. That turned it into a big old square box shape. To give the room a little more fun and excitement I decided to use some Faux White Brick removable wallpaper.
I will tell you it took me 45 minutes to hang this one piece.
Seeing as our house it OLD..walls aren't completely straight and unlike regular wallpaper this stuff doesn't SLIDE around.
You have to make sure you have it positioned where you want it before press it down.
Once I got the first row down the rest went much faster.

driftwood gray general finishes milk paint painted bathroom cabinet vanity makeover diy before and after boho bathroom

Since I was working in a room the children need on a daily basis, I did things in steps.
You can see here once I had hung the wallpaper I put the medicine cabinets back up.
Now normally I would have painted before I put them back up but having all the stuff piled in the hallway wasn't really conducive to a functioning bathroom for the kids.
Now it was time to decide what color I wanted to paint the cupboards. I chose General Finishes Driftwood Gray.
Again I worked in stages to keep the bathroom functioning.
After I had my cupboard paint picked out I could choose wall color.
I had a color custom mixed to match the shading in the mortar of the wallpaper.

akeover painted vanity general finishes driftwood faux brick removable wallpaper diy artwork
And HERE is the AFTER!!!
I love how it all turned out.
My kids are pretty awesome and were oooohing and aahhhhing 
when I was done.

do it yourself mandala artwork eclectic boho chic budget bathroom makeover before and after

You can see here I kept the old towel bar and added some handmade art work above it. 
porcelain hand jewelry holder boho style chic eclectic bathroom decor makeover diy
For some of the decor I just grabbed stuff I have had around my house.
My sister gave me this porcelain hand when I was 13 years is now officially VINTAGE;
just like ME! :)
diy do it yourself hand painted stencil mandala artwork thrifted vintage frame bathroom boho budget makeover bohemian style eclectic
I will show you in another post how I made this simple piece of art work with a thrifted frame I have had for years and a Mandala Stencil  and Gold Metallic Paint
budget bohemian bathroom makeover before and after eclectic painted diy
Some thrifted items, handmade items, a gallon of paint and one roll of wallpaper made for a Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover.

bohemian budget bathroom makeover eclectic boho style painted vanity removable wallpaper diy artwork blogger before and after

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
I will be back soon with the DIY for the artwork and some other furniture pieces I have been working on.
Until next time,
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!


Julie said...

What a great transformation! Painting cabinets is quite a job, but the pay-off is worth it. I have lots of them yet to do in our house. I absolutely love your "vintage" hand sculpture:)