Monday, January 30, 2017

EASY DIY Mandala Artwork

Boho Style easy diy mandala artwork canvas metallics gold and indigo

Welcome back my Beauties.
Last week I showed you my Budget Bohemian Bathroom Makeover and I promised to show you how I made the art work for my bathroom.

boho chic easy diy bohemian budget cheap bathroom makeover
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So here is how to make your SUPER Easy DIY Mandala Artwork.

thrifted frame deco art mandala stencil metallics and satin enamels paint boho chic eclectic decor
To start you will just need a few basic items.
You don't need to use the same colors I used and you can "FREE STYLE" all you like.
This is just a guideline.
For my bathroom I chose Deco Arts Satin Enamel in Denim
and Deco Arts Metallics in Gold.
I have had this thrifted frame sitting in my stash for years.
I also had my 16x20 canvas panels in my stash.
The PERFECT fit for my frame. Can you say CONVENIENT?
I wanted something fun and eclectic so I chose to use my 

boho chic decor diy easy mandala artwork canvas paint stencil

Now to cover your canvas you could really use any brush you wanted.
Since I was rushing and I wanted large texture for my background I actually just used my 
It's the same brush I use for furniture.
I simply dabbed my brush with some of my blue paint and made LARGE swirling brush strokes over the whole canvas.
I wanted it to have depth so I didn't fully cover my canvas. I wanted some of the white poking through behind giving it texture.

deco art easy diy stenciled chic boho style mandala canvas artwork

Once the canvas was dry I grabbed my Stencil
and decided where I wanted it.
I knew I wanted to cover almost 3/4s of my canvas so thats where I laid it.
Then I grabbed my metallic paint and a stencil brush
and brushed on my pattern.

This is what I had after the gold. Notice all the texture now that its dry.

Now to make the frame feel a little more FRESH and FUN
I just used the same blue paint and filled in the canvas part of the frame.
It went on darker because of the different material and I LOVED the richness it added.
Once everything was dry I popped it in the frame and it was ready for its close up.
easy diy mandala artwork boho chic painting canvas bohemian eclectic decor

I love having something fun and eclectic in the bathroom.
I also like having something that is one of kind.
easy diy mandala artwork boho chic painting canvas bohemian eclectic decor
See, I told you it was EASY!
I can't wait to see what you guys make!
Until next time,

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!