Monday, August 28, 2017

Outdated 80s Golden Oak Half Table Updated with Deco Art Vintage Effects Wash Paint

outdated 80s oak half round table updated deco art americana decor laurel wreath makeover
Welcome Back my Beauties.
We are in the final days before all the kiddos go back to school  ( and the hubby back to teaching high school and college) and I am in the push to start knocking out more projects before Soccer season starts. 
One of the projects I finished was this Outdated 80s Golden Oak Half Table Updated with Deco Art Vintage Effects Wash Paint.
You can see here in the before it was feeling tired in is 80s golden oak finish that was starting to wear through on the top.
I decided that since it was in great shape structurally that it just needed a little bit of paint to give it a new lease on life. 

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I started with Deco Arts new Vintage effect wash in Black.
You can see the quick little Facebook video I made HERE 
showing how easy it is to use!

I used a sponge brush to put on a thin coat over the old oak finish. (I had just lightly sanded the top to prep it for the paint) 
It went on really easy and I loved how it was so quick to update the oak to the rich dark color, all while letting a little of the grain show through.

While the top was drying I decided to use Americana Decor's chalky finish paint in Vintage for the base. 

updated half round table using deco art vintage wash paint in black and chalky finish paint makeover before and after
Here you can see it drying after the top and the base were painted.

Once the top was dry I decided to use Americana Decors 
Winterberry Wreath Stencil, Centering half way off to help accentuate the half round shape of the top.

In order to protect the whole finish of the piece I used 
deco art winterberry wreath vintage wash painted table makeover before and after diy
I love how it added an even deeper finish to the vintage wash paint on the top. 
I also love how using half the stencil made the top stand out more.
Updated table using Vintage Effects wash paint by deco art americana decor winterberry stencil makeover before and after furniture
I can not wait to try the new wash paints on some other projects.
I already have a couple ideas spinning in my head after cleaning out my stash of furniture this weekend.

outdated to updated half round hall table makeover using deco art vintage wash effects paint and chalky finish with winterberry stencil

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and that you all have a Beautiful week!