Wednesday, September 12, 2018

FREE Victorian Gentleman's dresser Roadside rescue makeover

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victorian gentlemans dresser free roadside rescue makeover
Welcome back, my Beauties!
I know I have been pretty sparse on my makeover posts,
but that doesn't mean I haven't been making over things.
I have been working on furniture pretty regularly but mostly been sharing them over on INSTAGRAM stories.  But I was going through some old pics and realized I have a ton of things I never got around to showing you.
As you know I lost my Mom almost 2 years ago at this time.
This piece was one of the pieces I was working on at the time.
I think that's why it took so long to post this.
I remember working on this in the middle of all the chaos.
(You will not the pictures are not the best as I wasn't in the right head space to actually grab my camera and I just took these with my phone) 
But as we approach the anniversary, I decided it was time to look back and finally share this piece.

putting the victorian gentlemans dresser back together again
I remember seeing it listed on craigslist for free.
A "first come first get" post.
This was before my Mom had gotten sick and so I still had time to go on fun little pick up runs. 
I remember grabbing my daughter in case I needed help loading and tearing off downtown.
The picture just showed it was a dresser.
It didn't say that it was in pieces.
But I figured for FREE I really couldn't complain.
We got to the house and they were just dragging out the mirror part to the curb.
I popped the back of the minivan open and my daughter and I loaded it up, piece by piece.
I wasn't to worried since I had a secret weapon up my sleeve at home.

Luckily my Ryobi Airstrike made quick work of reattaching all the unattached parts.
It really was that easy. I don't know how or why the top had been removed, or the bottom. I think they may have planned some odd DIY thing with it and then got discouraged and just gave up.
So I lined everything back up, popped in some nails and screws where I could and it was good to go.

Once it was back together again, I gave it a quick sand down, and wipe down and got down to painting.
I wanted a classic color for this classic piece so I picked
It took a couple coats to cover up that dark streaky black but it did the trick.
victorian gentlemans roadside rescue dresser makeover general finishes driftwood gray
I just loved the fun little candle holders.
All I kept thinking was;
"I wonder what kind of stories this piece could tell"
I mean, think about this..its so old it was used when you needed candles for dressing and drawers to put your gloves in.
driftwood gray victorian gentlemans dresser makeover
I know that it was beaten and battered and worn but I also loved that I was able to save such an old piece.
It's not perfect, but its usable again and able to function in someone's home, even though I am betting they aren't storing gloves or using candles to see while they dress.

I am happy to say that it sold rather quickly way back when I redid it.
I have yet to ever score or see another dresser like this to even redo, which made it all the more fun to do. 

I hope you enjoyed this latest little look back and hopefully I will finally get around to showing you the rest of all those makeovers sitting in my files.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!