Thursday, September 20, 2018

Roadside Rescue Vintage Bicycle Advertisement Dresser

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roadside rescue dresser before given vintage advertisement stencil makeover

Welcome back my Beauties.
I hope your week has been treating you well so far.
I am working on makeovers and even redoing a dresser for my husband now that the kids are back to their school schedules.
But this dresser I did this summer.
One day my husband was out walking the dog and saw the neighbors had thrown out this dresser. 
I must admit, I have saved many pieces but I was a little nervous about this one.
It was pretty beat up and I almost thought about just not doing it.
But I decided there was no harm in trying to bring this baby back to life.
First things first was I stripped off those nasty stickers stuck to the front of the drawers.
Once I started cleaning off the stickers I realized that with a good scrubbing and sanding the original wood grain was starting to show through. It was almost as if they had used too dark a stain and it just needed a lightening up.
At that point my motivation was in full gear.
general finishes driftwood water based milk paint vintage bicycle advertisement dresser makeover
I decided to use my General Finishes Driftwood gray for the base of the piece. 
The sides of the dresser were beyond trying to sand down and I figured the paint would help the drawer fronts POP
general finishes snow white milk paint vintage columbias bicycle vintage advertisement dresser makeover

Plus I had decided to go FULL VINTAGE on this dresser, with my Vintage Columbias Bicycles advertisement Stencil and figured that would pair nicely.
I used my General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint for the stencil.
After it was all dried I gave it even more light distressing and put the old hardware back on. 
free roadside rescue dresser turned vintage columbias bicycle dresser upcycled recycled pope mfg. co. BOSTON
I LOVED how it turned out!
I had surprised myself that I was able to save it and that 
I actually thought it looked good. :)
vintage dresser makeover before and after columbias highest grade catalogue free pope mfg. co 77 franklin street boston
With the old original wood and vintage advertisement I just felt like it was a match made in heaven.
vintage columbias highest grade bicycle advertisement dresser roadside rescue makeover recycled upcycled stencil before and after veneer
Plus I am happy to say that someone else did too.
It SOLD and I am so happy to have saved a piece from being crushed and dumped in a landfill.
I think I will try to remember that the next time I see a piece sitting on the side of the road and I start to doubt that it can be saved. 
I don't know why I doubt myself?
I mean you can see HERE all the free pieces I have rescued!
You would think I would be used to saving them by now.
I have yet to chuck one in the fire pit, so here's hoping that I can keep up with saving all those stragglers that the husband brings home with the proud little smile on his face. :)

before and after vintage columbias highest grade bicycle advertisement dresser roadside rescue makeover recycled upcycled stencil before and after veneer
Well, I am off to try to work in the garage if the mosquitoes don't carry me away.
Wish me luck!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!