Monday, October 1, 2018

Persian Blue Vintage Farm and Floral Dresser Makeover

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BEFORE Vintage LL may and Co farm and floral guide IOD transfer for dresser makeover

Welcome back my Beauties! 
I have a super fun makeover for you guys today!
This was an on a WHIM makeover that actually re-ignited my 
love of makeovers.
With everything going on in my life, and after having done this for many many years I was starting to get a bit burned out.
Don't get me wrong, I still love what I do;
but I just hadn't had the UMPH I was usually getting 
when I was making old things pretty again.
In the beginning I used to put original artwork on my furniture.
But most of the people around this area, didn't want to pay the price for ARTWORK and Furniture.
So I went back to just painting the furniture and selling the artwork separately. 
I painted lots of furniture and sold many paintings,
and I was very happy.
But sometimes a girl still needs to be creative.
And this piece and what I used allowed me to still be creative,
while not putting OVERTIME into my pieces.
Let me show you how! 
BEFORE DRESSER Vintage LL may and Co farm and floral guide IOD transfer for dresser makeover
First things first....PREP..
Wouldn't you know I was cruising along prepping the dresser and I get to the LAST knob and that sucker is LIQUID CEMENTED on.
I had to pull out my HACKSAW and cut that baby off.
Once it was off, I could lightly sand the whole piece.
It had lots of fun stickers all over it, and even though I got all the adhesive off, I wanted to make sure there wasn't any residue anywhere. 
Vintage farm and floral guide dresser makeover painted with general finishes milk paint in persian blue
After the light sanding I wiped it down with a damp cloth and pulled out my General Finishes Milk Paint in Persian Blue.
Persian blue general finishes milk paint dresser makeover before vintage color IOD transfer

I gave it two coats and let it dry.
IOD L.L.May and Co. Farm and Floral Guide vintage advertisement color transfer for Furniture dresser makeover
Now here is where the inspiration and creativity kicked in.
I have been watching for WEEKS while people were using these fun color transfers. So on a WHIM, I decided to order one from Amazon to see what they were all about.
I ordered the Iron Orchid Designs Farm and Floral transfer.
The BIGGEST one they made.
You can see here on INSTAGRAM me applying the transfer.
That was it...I was hooked.

Iron Orchid Designs L.L. May and Co Minnesota farm and floral color transfer on dresser

I mean...look how COOL that looks. 
It had those vintage colors that I LOVE and it added so MUCH to this simple little dresser.
Once it was all on I just used my Americana Acrylic sealer in Matte to seal the transfer.

Iron Orchid Designs IOD L.L.May and Co. St Paul Minnesota Farm and Floral Guide color transfer Vintage dresser Makeover with General Finishes Persian Blue Milk Paint

AIN'T she a BEAUT!!!

Vintage inspired Old Advertisement Color Rub on Transfer Dresser Makeover using IOD and General Finishes by Karin Chudy at

I fell in love with these transfers and plan on using more in my future. (who am I kidding, I have already done 3 more with about 4 more waiting.)
Best of all, my customers love them too!
This baby sold and and is now enjoying its new life, in its new HOME!

before and after Vintage IOD Iron orchid designs farm and floral guide color transfer and General finishes persian blue dresser makeover
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover!
I know I did.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!