Friday, February 5, 2016

Vintage "COLUMBIAS" Bicycle Dresser Makeover.

I am headed to Chicago this morning for the Blog your Best Conference in Chicago this weekend so 
I am hitting REPLAY on one of my favorite makeovers

Its Makeover Monday My Beauties!
I have been waiting to show you the latest makeover.
It was another one of those,
Kinda makeovers!

Sorta like this MCM desk makeover I did last week.
I knew I couldn't keep it, but it didn't stop me from TRYING to 
find a spot for it. :)

Anywhoooo, This is what we started with.
You can kind of see from the picture that the drawer edges had a little bit of damage but not too bad.
The only thing that really was a problem on this was the dang Plastic formica style top.

I had to give it a really good sanding so that the paint would be sure to adhere to it.

 Once I had done that it was time for painting.
I mixed up a custom chocolate black for the top. 
I gave it a couple of coats and let it dry.

 While the top dried I mixed up a custom green for the base.
I painted the drawers and the base with this green.

Now it was time for a decision.
Did I want to leave it as is.....or
add a little UMPH!
I think you know the answer to that.!
( This is a free graphic brought to you by THE GRAPHICS FAIRY)
Well that was done so I could use my stencil while I waited to find the right dresser to use it on.
THIS was the RIGHT dresser.
After putting on the stencil and letting it dry, 
I waxed and buffed the whole thing.
 I changed out the hardware to fit with the new look of the dresser.
 Now I think you understand why I wanted to keep it so bad.
BUT no room in the house for this piece,
so it is headed to the booth for sale.

Hopefully it will find its way to its forever home SOON!
I hope you enjoyed this makeover.


Unknown said...

When you say you waxed and buff the dresser what products did you use?

Footprint studios said...

When you say you waxed and buff the dresser what products did you use?