Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Updating a Mid Century Modern Dresser using General Finishes Milk Paint

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Mid century Modern dresser makeover BEFORE using general finishes milk paint
Welcome back my Beauties!
I hope you are all doing well.
We have had a busy holiday season so far with lots of furniture selling at the booth, so I haven't had a lot of time to post.
But I thought I would quick jump on the computer to show you a piece that just recently went to its new home.

MCM dresser makeover with damage BEFORE using General finishes milk paint
I picked up this great MCM dresser for a deal because of the damage to the side and the pulls.
That didn't scare me though. I loved the design of the piece,  but my brain just had to figure out how I was gonna update it but keep its vintage charm.
The side had damage that was stained into the veneer. No amount of sanding would remove it.
Plus it was textured and that would just wouldn't work.
It was not quite a blonde style dresser but had almost a white wash feel to it, so I decided that was how I was gonna work with it.
The top was laminate and in perfect condition so I decided I would work along those colors.

MCM dresser makeover using reverent gray milk paint by general finishes
I decided to go with General Finishes Reverent Gray because it went so well with the top and the finish on the drawer fronts.
I scrubbed the whole dresser and wiped it down real well and got started.

broken handle on mcm dresser makeover before and after

After giving the base 2 coats and letting them dry it was time to start on the hardware to see how I could keep the damaged pieces. I decided I would leave the drawer fronts unpainted but paint the pulls.

removing brass strip from MCM dresser pull to makeover
But that meant removing all the metal inlays.
I learned this trick years ago. I just took a screwdriver and popped them out.
This way I could sand all the pulls and paint them with the reverent gray and not have to worry about getting paint on the metal.
farmhouse gold spray paint by rustoleum for making over hardware on a mcm dresser
Since I had all the metal pieces out I decided to give them a clean up and freshen up with some farmhouse gold spray paint.

using a rubber mallet to get the old brass strips back into the mcm hardware pull for the dresser
Once everything was dried and cured I could put it all back together. Getting the metal strips in was the hardest part of the whole project. You can't just pop them back in you have to glide them into the groves. So I grabbed my rubber mallet and tapped them back where the belong. 

Mid Century Modern dresser given a makeover using General Finishes Reverent gray milk paint
Then it all went back together. 
You can see how the paint on the hardware and the sides really made that vintage finish show through on the drawer fronts.
mcm general finishes reverent gray dresser makeover before and after

MCM Mid century modern dresser makeover using general finishes milk paint in Reverent gray
It freshened it up, but still kept that MCM feel.
Now it is being used again and being enjoyed.

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover 
and I hope you have a great Holiday!

Until next time,
Have a Beautiful day! 

Updating a Mid Century Modern Dresser using General finishes milk paint repurposing refinishing do it yourself vintage makeover


Connie said...

Beautiful. Our daughter loves mid century and she would be swooning over this chest of drawers, you did an outstanding job of bringing it back to perfection.

Art Is Beauty said...

Thank you so much Connie!

Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

You did a beautiful job on this MCM dresser, Karin! I'm not surprised it already sold. Did you say Modern Farmhouse paint? Yes please!

Sarah @ The DIY Mommy said...

Wow! This dresser turned out great!