Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Vintage Gossip Bench given a sweet and simple makeover

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Welcome back my Beauties!
I hope the New Year finds you well.
Its hard to believe its almost the middle of January already.
(I never say that, normally January feels about 120 days long)
But I have been busy and that seems to make the days go faster.
I worked on this makeover before Christmas but just now am getting around to posting about it.
I have about 20 more of those kinds of posts too.
Funny how time gets away from you.
But anyway, lets get on with the makeover.
I was strolling through the thrift shop one day when I saw this cute little gossip bench.
Now it was covered in dust and dirt but the shape of it was just too cute to pass up. 
So I dragged it up to the cashier and loaded it in my car.
I had no idea what I wanted to do with it yet,
but figured inspiration would strike once I got it home.

general finishes milk paint in ballet pink and black and white thrifted striped fabric
And it did!
I had been wanting to try out General Finishes Milk Paints new color "Ballet Pink" and figured this was as good as any project.
It would keep that girly feel but not overly girly.
To give it a fun little punch I used my thrifted striped fabric that I had used on my Paul Mccobb MCM chairs HERE

black and white striped fabric makeover gossip bench

You can see it looks better already just with the fabric change.
I made sure I sanded down the bench really well to get off any residues that might be on it, and then used a warm rag to wipe it all down and let it dry before painting.
Then when she was ready I gave her two coats of the Ballet Pink paint.

ballet pink gossip bench makeover with black and white striped fabric
And here she is all back together again and looking as pretty as can be!
ballet pink general finishes milk paint gossip bench makeover
I  love how it played with the fun little details on the back of the bench and how the fabric kept it more updated and the pale pink paint kept it feeling vintage.BEFORE AND AFTER VINTAGE GOSSIP BENCH MAKEOVER USING GENERAL FINISHES BALLET PINK MILK PAINT
I hope you enjoyed this makeover.
Hopefully It won't be as long until the next makeover,
but then again you know I will probably get busy or distracted again.
That is something you can always count on. :)
Vintage Gossip Bench Makeover before and after using General Finishes Milk Paint in ballet pink and black and white striped fabric

Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day! 


Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

Lovely makeover, Karin, love the subtle pink color. Swooning over that pillow too!

Art is beauty said...

Oh my gosh. I think google finally is letting me reply. Thank you so much ��. I have had those pillows for years and just can’t seem to part with them.

Sarah @ The DIY Mommy said...

Such a gorgeous piece of furniture!! Looks fantastic, you really brought it back to life!