Monday, January 20, 2020

Coastal Blue Vintage Waterfall Dresser Makeover

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beat up old vintage waterfall dresser in need of a makeover and saving with paint
Welcome back my Beauties!
I didn't think I would be back so quick but the cold weather has me not wanting to leave the house, so I figured I would work some old pieces I did.
Its funny because not only did it take me a long to time to write this post, it took me a long time to work on this dresser.
I am pretty sure it sat in my garage for at least a year.
I bought it at a thrift store because I loved the veneer.
Its that paper thin stuff so I knew I couldn't touch it with sandpaper or it would disappear so I had to work out how I was going to still show it off.
The top was pretty gouged up and heavily stained so I knew I had to paint it. 
I lightly sanded the parts I was going to paint and wiped them all down real well and went to my paints to decide on a color.

General Finishes Coastal blue milk paint waterfall dresser makeover
I decided to go with General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint because I loved how it played with the wood tone that I would be keeping.
Coastal blue milk paint vintage waterfall dresser makeover general finishes

Here you can see how it looked with just one coat on. I had decided to just really clean up the top drawer that had the most interesting grain and use paint on the rest to showcase that part. 
It had the original hardware which I just clean up and put back on.
Vintage Waterfall Dresser makeover using General finishes Coastal Blue milk paint diy before and after refinished do it yourself

And here it is in its Coastal Blue Beauty! 

I loved how the original hardware played off the dark blue and the wood tone of the top drawer.
(I also want to know how much I miss seeing GREEN GRASS;
I was for sure not made for winter) :)
Vintage Waterfall Chest of Drawers painted makeover using General Finishes Milk paint in Coastal blue with gold hardware
This was a hard piece to bring into the booth because I wanted to keep it, but really had no place for it.

Vintage waterfall Chest of Drawers Dresser makeover with fancy veneered top drawer painted in coastal blue milk paint by general finishes fancy veneer
But happy to say its enjoying its new life in someone else's home.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and hopefully I will get a chance to write up some new posts while I wait out the winter.
Until next time,
Have a Beautiful Day! 


Sarah @ The DIY Mommy said...

That is a beautiful blue!! Looks fabulous!!