Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 flowered Dogwood painting

So last night I finally got to finish the painting I had started a couple weeks ago.
Well I don't know if its finished, finished; but mostly...:)
They hubby was sweet enough to take the kiddo's away last night
for a couple hours so I could have some peace and quiet and
SIT down...:)
I mostly think he just wanted me to finish so I could get all my
CRAP out of the kitchen,........and the living room......and the den....
and the garage.........ahhh well get the picture....I can't take
care of anything until I finish it...So now the paints can
be put back in their proper place for a bit, and my pallet and
brushes, and rags; gee you wonder why he wanted me to finish...since
all of those items were on the kitchen counter..
here she is..

I hope you like it..I wanted a vintage feel. for some reason these colors feel
vintage to me.....:)

Have a Beautiful day!!
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