Monday, July 11, 2011


Since I feel like I totally slacked this weekend, I thought I would put up a
picture of an older project that I did.
We had a busy weekend with family picnics, beaches and lots
and lots of family time.

That being said, I was not very productive this a good way...:)
So I thought I would show THIS OLE THING..
One day while visiting friends way up North
on Lake Michigan, my hubby and I went for a walk along the beach.
While on our walk I found this great piece of driftwood.
Now normally driftwood is usually small or the size of a telephone pole.
This one was just perfect.
As I picked it up, I already knew what my husband was going to say to me..
"now, what are you gonna do with that?" (Imagine this being said with a dramatic sigh, and heavy shoulders
and head slightly dropping in defeat).....:)
My response was..."nothing, I am gonna let you do it..." :) hee hee hee........

So when we got home, I LET him get his drill with a hole cutting bit
just the size of my little tea light candles.
so at night when we sit out side and sometimes in the winter while we sit in the hot tub;
we light it up and enjoy this simple little pleasure..

I hope you enjoy it too.....:)

Have a beautiful day!!! :)
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