Wednesday, August 31, 2011

gray half table

Sorry I don't have more pictures of this transformation. This is one of those Mom/A.D.D./crazy lady moments....:)
I was taking pictures and realized that they were being taken on my internal memory on my camera...(the sd card was in my computer...:))
SOOOO I went in to find the "DOO-HICKEY" that transfers from camera to computer and could not find
said "doo hickey" is at that point, while primer was drying and air compressor was charging that I said
So here is what I do have.....My friend Michelle saved me this table from the trash.
It was black and very very very beat up. I had to sand the heck out of it and primer it a couple times. Once that was done, I used
Rust-Oleums satin gray spray paint that I had left from a previous project and
gave this baby a couple coats. When she was nice and dry, I distressed the heck out of her.
Since she was already beat up around the edges it worked out nice, and I love how the details on the
leaves really pop with the distressing.

Once the paint was dry and she was distressed I
gave her a couple coats of lacquer.
I really do wish you could have seen how bad she looked before..but alas its not to be..:)
So here is how she now looks....

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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