Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Epiphany table.

So you remember that two tier table that I had shown you in a previous post? Well after finishing it, I finally yesterday
drug it up to my booth at "CHANGING THYMES". (My booth is on the 2nd floor, so its a bit of a haul with furniture.)
Well last night as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep with a bazzillion projects buzzing
through my brain, and trying to think of all the stuff the kids need for
back to school, and what I had to pack for camping for the weekend...(geez, wonder why I couldn't fall asleep)
My husband comes up and tells me that the t.v. in the basement wasn't working and yada yada yada...I started telling
him how I probably had something in my booth that I could use to put a different TV
on if we had to get one (we have one of those big ole school projection TV's so it sits on the floor).
Well that led my brain to go...well we need something next to the couch down there too, and that is when
the Epiphany happened. That table that I had just drug up to the second story..I now had to go back and lug
it back down and bring it home and down into my basement. (which is were it had been stored in a back room....(hand slapping forehead again))

But all that work was worth it. She matches perfectly. The green in the pillows and the same little green in the rug.
I just have to laugh at what my brain had to do to get here.
I hope you enjoyed that little story.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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Unknown said...

You have a booth in a shop? I was thinking of trying to get a space in a little shop here in our new town. How do you find your furniture? Do you have trouble keeping enough stock?