Tuesday, August 30, 2011

using thrift store frames for your art

Sorry I have been so busy lately. I was ill for a couple days and now we are getting ready for
back to school, and our labor day camping trip.
So I will just show you a great idea for framing your artwork on the C.H.E.A.P. :)

I had to 12x12 paintings that I needed framed for my booth.
Luckily I went to my local goodwill and found 2 frames with matting for
my paintings...only $6.99 each.
That is a ton cheaper than what I would have paid to have matted and framed.
So I got to dismantling the back and pulling up staples...cleaning and re matting the

And this is how they turned out. I love how the black and gold works with both

So sorry about the bad photos. My camera battery was dying and I of course was rushing...:)
I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL night...since I am late to getting this up.

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