Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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Since this art deco vanity is going to be my tutorial for Wednesday, I thought I would show you how to fix veneer before a painting
a piece of furniture.

First of all, try to get straight edges you can see where I needed to cut a straight line so that its easier to mend the veneer. I used an razor blade to cut straight lines for my new replacement veneer.

you can see in this picture I gave myself 2 straight edges.

Then you measure you piece of veneer to fit.

since this is going to be a painted project, it didn't matter what type of wood veneer I used. so I got this. It is pre-glued and you just use your iron to fix it.

Here I am ironing on the veneer to get the glue to heat and set to the drawer.
once the veneer is glued you use a razor blade to trim off any excess.

 Here is how the drawer looked after fixing multiple missing veneer pieces. I hope you found this tutorial helpful.  Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

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