Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Huntley Art Deco 3/4 Vanity Redo

I found this vanity at a Garage sale. There were many, many beautiful pieces of furniture
at this garage, which were way under priced, yet still out of my budget...:(
But this baby, she WAS in my price range, and she needed my help.

First I got to sanding her down. She had lots of damage that you can see how I repaired in my previous post.

I took the mirror off.

Then I got to priming.....whew!!! That was a doozy....

Then the funky cool brass handles needed some serious help.
I had thought about polishing them, but really didn't want that color with the color I chose for the vanity.

So I picked RUST-OLEUM'S hammered copper.
It was going to go so well with the color I had picked.

I chose a Ralph Lauren color that I had painted my armoire in my living room with a couple years ago.
Its espresso black. Its so rich and warm.

Then I got to distressing and finishing with lacquer.

I am absolutely in love with how she turned out.

Its another piece of furniture that my 2 oldest girls have threatened to confiscate..:) (Please don't mind the messy garage..:))
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.!!

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