Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Side table "RED REDO"

I got this table from my Mother in law. She had got it from her Mother in law..:) When she got it quite a few years ago, she had my husband paint it blue for her and over the years with the changing of colors in her house she the painted it like this. Well she got a new table and decided to let me have a try at painting it.

Since it had so many coats of paint, and I wanted all the colors to kind of come through, I decide to go against priming it. I wanted the patina of the multiple layers.

So I started painting her red. I left the drawer out, because it was getting painted in an antique white.

I then got out my Martha Stewart stencil from Michael's and added some UMPH to the table.

Once it was dry, I distressed it and lacquered it. I wish you could see how cool it is to see the little bit of blue and cream peeking out where it was distressed. I just love it.

I think it ended up looking really cute. I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.


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