Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The "townie"..breakfast...lunch...dinner..dessert...WHATEVER :)

Here is the story of my latest Saturday night we had a BEAUTIFUL date night and after dinner at a local restaurant, we went next door to the local bakery. While there I saw this pastry called "the townie". I had never heard of it before, but seeing the caramelized sugar clinging to the doughy pastry; what wouldn't there be to NOT like?  I was right. I there for dubbed them "CRACK". One bite..that's it; and I was hooked. Now being a local bakery they only make these on Wed. and Saturday. How does one feed an addiction if you can only get them 2 days a figure out how to do it YOURSELF.
Now the funny thing is that once I mentioned this "crack" to others, even without tasting they were trying to find a way to make them too...they even called the bakery...(which they would not give the recipe). Now do you see why I call them crack...without even a taste people are hooked. :) So today I wasn't even going to do a post, but it was cold and rainy and I needed to finish up my roadside rescue lovelies. But a woman's also gotta eat...So I went to the fridge and got my Pillsbury crescent sheets... I tore them in 6 pieces and just Mashed them into flat circles....(I know its not scientific) Then I took my melted Irish butter and slathered it on top. Now here is where my brain went was not regular sugar on these only get that kind of crunch with BROWN sugar. So once the butter was on I slapped on some brown sugar and dusted with Cinnamon.

I then rolled them like you would a croissant.

once rolled and tucked in there little greased muffin cups I dribbled more butter and brown sugar and Cinnamon on top. Put them in the oven at 375 degrees and waited...I thought maybe about 12 minutes, but it took almost 20. Since the size varies you just have to watch them...and BABY was I watching them...drooling a bit, like Pavlov's dog too...

Well they didn't disappoint. In fact I ate 2....Now they would have had the same crunch/crack as the ones from the bakery, because on the second one I waited till they cooled. (the first one was just to tempting to wait, with its warm gooey buttery sugary...............drooollll)
O.K. so that is my FOOD PORN post for today...I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.... :)
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Unknown said...

THis I will have to try. And I even have the crescent rolls in my frig.
Thanks for sharing.

pipigirl said...

if i remember correcly, my gram made these fron LEFTOVER PIE DOUGH. try that and see what u come up with. good luck huney:)