Monday, October 17, 2011

more freezer paper FRENCH END TABLE

Here is another fun project I was working on. I have been trying out freezer paper for a
few weeks and then kind of forgot about it, until I got a hold of this baby. 

It was your typical 70's end table with a plastic faux engraved door???? Whatever...:) So I sanded her down and gave her a good coat of primer. I had no idea how the paint would stick to the plastic, but have no fear...It was not a problem.

Once the primer was dry I gave her a coat of a pale gray color. This is where I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do to the top. She sat in the garage for a few days while I pondered....(forgot, pondered, same thing...)

Then while strolling through the the graphics fairy I found this great graphic.

So I printed out my graphic on my freezer paper in reverse image and burnished it on the table. (you can see that tutorial HERE
I gave her a good distressing and a good coat of poly when she was dry....and here she beautiful as ever. Have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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