Thursday, October 20, 2011

My two lovlies ~ Two hearts in love need no words

Good morning everyone. I am feeling the love of this little set of drawers. I got these off a rescue. I couldn't figure out why any one would want to throw out a set of wood drawers.

Here is why. From what I can figure is that this used to be a vanity and was dismantled and made into a set of drawers. The sides with the damage were covered in lined paper and contact paper over that. When I uncovered this is what I found. I was sad, but I knew I could fix them and have them back to themselves soon enough.

I got to work with my veneer and wood filler. You can see the tutorial on that HERE

Once I got done with that and sanded it down, I primed and painted. Sorry but in my moment I forgot to take the pics, but I am sure you have seen that a million times. Well, I kept calling these my lovelies for some reason, and that got me to thinking of a French Love Poem by Desbordes-Velmore. Entre deus coeurs qui s'aiment, nui besoin de paroles.....Two hearts in love need no words.... My 2 little lovelies...PERFECT.

So I typed out the poem on my word processor program and used transfer paper to transfer the words to the top and the word "amour" to the front, using one of the knobs as the "O".

The steeple gray and the heirloom white just feels so romantic to me. I thought these would be perfect for night stands in a bedroom.

I just love how they turned out!

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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