Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beautiful Goodwill Dresser

So here she is......FINALLY!!!  I have been waiting to show you for almost a week. Remember her????

This is that dresser I told you that I HAD to buy!!! She was beckoning me; even though I had said I wasn't going to buy any more furniture until I sold some pieces , (to me its like those people who can't turn away a puppy or a kitten...that's me...but with furniture)...but then I saw her and I couldn't leave her there.

So last week when it was nice I sanded and primed her. That old finish came off in about 5 seconds because it was so worn. When that was done, I painted her with a creamy cocoa color; more cream, less cocoa....:)

Then I distressed her and waxed her...and fell in love all over again...I couldn't sell her!!! I couldn't let her go..I had to keep her...So now she is where she belongs as part of the family in the living room.

It was like she was meant to be..She fits in perfectly and I am in love...:) I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day....:)


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