Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Girls new Hand Painted Blossom desk

Here She is!! The desk that meant helping my girls clean their room for 4 hours, a migraine and a whole lot of fun!

Remember my Goodwill haul last week. Well you know how impatient I am. Even though it was absolutely freezing out, I went out to the garage and painted her. I wanted her to match the girls other furniture so I went with just a straight up white. It was very start and the girls other dressers were a bit more "aged" but I knew once I waxed her she would tone down a little.

So here she is out in the garage, all getting pretty and everything.

and here she is all ready to be painted sitting in my living room.

Here she is getting drawn on.  I was drawing a blossom on her. It doesn't show up that great in the pictures...

and here I am starting to put paint down. Look by my foot and you will kind of see what I was going for. I got these plastic plates at goodwill too, and I didn't need them for anything, but I loved the flower on them and knew I wanted to paint them on something. So I used the plate as a reference. You will also notice me painting by lamplight. I would like to say this is some artsy fartsy thing, but alas its just lazy me not wanting to get up and turn on a bunch of lights. (I yell at my kids for reading in the dark, but I paint in the dark all the time.)

Here is one of the first coats
getting closer with another coat...

getting closer...you can see my reference plate......:)

and here she is.....in all her glory in my girls room. I even got a shot of the desk with my birch painting that I did for my girls last Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

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