Thursday, April 12, 2012

80's oak hall tree turned into an OLD ANTIQUE BEAUTY!

Here is another post about a project that I ended up keeping for myself.
You remember this 80's oak hall tree that I got at Goodwill?

You can see it here, just kinda....MEHHHH.....:)

So I decided to use my home made chalk paint recipe that I just love. I first put on a coat of apricot butter.  (and do not pay any attention to that pile of clean laundry on the couch)   :)

Then when that was dry I put on a coat of regular old white chalk paint. I wanted the piece to
look really old like it had been painted a few times.

Once the paint was dry I got to waxing...:O)

and waxing

and waxing....

I honestly didn't plan on keeping this thing until I started painting it.

I just kept falling more and more in love with it as the
old world patina it was getting started to come through.

It went perfect in my kitchen (even though it meant moving our antique tiger grain buffet
into the den and then that started a whole den makeover , but you know how that goes...:))

How could I let her go, when it looks like she has been with our family forever....????
I couldn't!!! So she has her new home with us.
(AND  as an added bonus...its one of those SKINNY the KITCHEN....:)  So as you walk out the door you go ...DANG....I LOOK GOOD!!!)  DON'T JUDGE ME...I like my fantasy world...LOL.

I hope you have a beautiful day.
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