Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"No Thank you, I think I'll walk" Oil painting "shelley"

Well, this painting ended up meaning more to me than you could ever know. Its one of those "God works in mysterious ways" kinda things.

A while back (like MONTHS) I had seen a photograph of a girl walking down a road and the composition
of it just SPOKE to me. I didn't know why, (I never know why) :)  So I thought I would
quick lay down an under painting so I wouldn't forget (which I tend to do a lot).
WELL Months later it was still sitting like this in my basement...WAITING..
well due to many events, one of which was a trip to the E.R. for me; I was forced to sit still for a few days.
Well, those who know me, know I CAN NOT just sit. So I went down stairs and grabbed my light easel and my paints. I sat in a chair and started working on the painting again.

I mixed up my colors (this is where I have to give HUGE Kudos's to Gayle Levee, and awesome
instructor who was adamant about COLOR THEORY.  How many of you would have guess from the finished painting that the yellow green is one of the main colors for this painting)

and I got to painting and painting and painting....5 hours went by and I looked at the clock and thought it had been 5 minutes  (I love it when that happens)
Anyway, I was struggling the next day with putting the finishing touches on the painting....I get really picky at the end and tend to not be able to walk away....Well as I was picking at the painting the phone rang...
It was my Mother in law. She had called to tell us that our Cousin Shelley had passed.
Shelley was an amazing women. Since she was 11 years old she has had tumors on her spinal cord and brain stem, which had cause blindness and no mobility. She went on to get married and have a son. She
was an amazing woman who was never suppose to live this many years or live through this or that...
She was 46.  This is the woman you could hear laughing clear from the other
room when you were at family functions. I always remember her with her sitting in her wheelchair throwing her head back in a laugh and enjoying every possible minute she had. She was also as stubborn as the day is long. She was a fighter and even in the end she fought. Fought till her terms were met and then she would finally let go.
As I was contemplating her life...and staring at this painting God kinda did a "HELLO, MC-FLY, anybody HOME?" on my brain and I went...OH MY GOD, This is Shelley!!
She finally gave in and God said you are done now, I will carry you home. And Shelley being the AWESOME stubborn girl she was said with her perfect body "No Thank you, I think I'll  walk"
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