Monday, April 23, 2012


Well, since it was such a whirlwind weekend with ER visits and a possible
Gallbladder attack (ended up being a terrible virus), this post is gonna be short  and sweet.
Please excuse any typos or rambling, I will blame it on the meds;
I don't usually get to blame it on anything other than my normal self.  :)

I got this cute rustic little table at Goodwill for $6. I have found a table like this before and done
a skeleton key transfer on it. You can see that HERE

For this table I wanted to do something more FRENCHY.
I was just feeling Frenchy!
So I got to lightly sanding the top to take off some of the old lacquer so that
I could do a different Freezer paper transfer for this one. 

I went to the GRAPHICS FAIRY (love) and got this cute little graphic.
I then used the tried and true freezer paper transfer method that you can see HERE

when the ink was dry I sprayed it with a few coats of poly to protect the surface.

Here it is all finished. I love the rustic FRENCH-ness of it..:)
Now for me, I will be crawling back into bed...:)
I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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