Thursday, April 19, 2012

Roadside Resuce Vanity Redo AKA Samuel L. Jackson vanity...:)

You may be wondering why I called this vanity "Samuel L. Jackson" .
Well I will get to that while I am explaining the REDO on this little cutie.

If you remember I got this little cutie as it was about to be put in a dumpster.

It was covered in spider eggs and who knows what else, but otherwise in pretty good shape.

EXCEPT for the drawer fronts. As you can see they were a bit warped.  (much like my brain)
Well after many tries and different things to try and coax them back to somewhat of a straight piece;

THIS is what I ended up doing...Taking a rubber mallet to the bottom two drawers. They could not be saved..but what I did was use a side from each of the drawers to cover the bottom of the now vacant drawer hole (is that a thing?).

Now that the said "drawer holes" were covered I could start spraying the vanity with a very pale yellow color.

While the paint was drying I took the seat off of my bench (which I had found at Goodwill for $5.99)
and got out my Goodwill fabric that I had been hoarding. ( I am not kidding, when I see fabric at Goodwill I buy it and save it. Its becoming a bit of an issue..:)) it is...much better than that purple ripping velvet don't ya think?
NOW for the reason I call this vanity SAMUEL L. JACKSON.
For those of you that read my Facebook page, you will know what an issue the drawer fronts were.
I needed to drill new holes for the new hardware. Easy right. Well apparently not!!
Unbeknownst to me...These fronts are made of some space age WOOD that must be
able to withstand hurricane force winds and nuclear meltdown because I broke one
bit and had 2 screws snap off in the fronts just trying to drill new holes in them.
This is where I started swearing.....and swearing .....and swearing..
Walking away and swearing some more and at one point pretty sure I yelled out the
line from the movie where Sam Jackson yells "I hope you die...I hope you burn in........."
Well, you get the picture...

But FINALLY..I got them in. I had to touch up the fronts and then realized I had used up all the paint I had sprayed them with. I realized this AFTER I had already touched up with a darker yellow. UGHH!!
SOOO  I painted the drawers  a darker yellow and then white washed the whole vanity.

I actually am really happy that I made that mistake because I like that the drawers are darker
and kind of go along with the dark baskets that I put in the old "drawer holes"  :)
Sorry, but I am liking saying that. :)

So all in all it was worth it and I am really happy with how she turned out.

Thought this was fun too. Saw the date on the of the mirror while taking pics.

So NOW it is done, and hopefully on to someone to enjoy.
I hope you enjoyed my little journey on this one.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.!!

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